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For more than 10 years, Navigator Consulting Group has provided my company with outstanding accurate and promptly given accounting and bookkeeping services. They are just great and very helpful in any case.

Highly recommended to all!

Boris S.
«Maple Leaf Delicatessen»

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It is important to understand your responsibilities and how payroll works to ensure you are not assessed penalties and interest or suffer other consequences.

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Income Tax Preparation

Corporate Tax Preparation / Personal Income Tax Preparation

Income tax preparation is one of a company’s priority activities. Experience shows that taxation software gives no guarantees and seldom inspires confidence in the correct management of business tax issues. Most small and medium companies benefit from quality tax assistance. Choose only the skilled tax experts, such as those at Navigator Consulting.

T2 Corporation Income Tax

Our team of experienced practitioners keeps a close watch on every change in tax legislation, so you can be confident that your tax issues are under the care of our skilled staff! The advanced methods and individual approach the Navigator Consulting uses to study each customer’s company tax needs allow us to best help you to decide on the most appropriate investments and to minimize negative tax consequences.

Our experts will help manage your tax situation by providing a wide range of services, including:

— careful presentation of all corporate expenses, including entertainment expenses;

— estimation of capitalization expenses;

— explanation of the workings of GST/HST and payroll tax requirements.

We know how much effort is needed to start and maintain a successful business, and we will do everything to help develop your business and increase your profits.

T1 Personal Income Tax

Navigator Consulting tax experts are always happy to assist its customers in the preparation of their income tax returns. We offer a service to our clients by preparing personal tax returns for individuals including employees, students, seniors, Canadian non-residents, sole proprietors/self-employed individuals, investors (capital gain), commission-only salespersons, rental property owners, truck drivers, etc. If you need to file a T1-ADJ Adjustments but you don’t know how to properly deal with it, we can be there for you. Let us help you to avoid the stress of tax compliance.


Sole proprietorship is one of the most profitable forms of private business, especially in terms of taxation issues. If you decide to start this kind of business and do not know how to set it up, or if you already own one, our experienced staff will be glad to help. We can help you set up your business and teach you how to minimize taxes. For example, our experts will explain to you, as a sole proprietor, how to save thousands of dollars per year using their human resources management skills, or how to save on payroll taxes and reduce your family annual taxes (up to a thousand dollar for every working child) at the same time. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of pitfalls in private business taxation that our specialists will gladly help you to avoid!

Rental Income Tax

If you are a resident of Canada and a Canadian rental property owner, then you are also a Canadian Property Rental Income tax payer. There are a lot of nuances in Canadian tax law relating to rental taxation, and our experts will gladly help you to manage them! Our tax practitioners are always ready to provide high quality services, including calculating the annual income received from the real estate rent, preparing all necessary forms and tax returns and submitting them to the CRA accurately and on time.

Tax Assistance

It is known that the Canada Revenue Agency conducts annual sample audits. So if the CRA selects your company, we will be ready to support you in dealing with it. If your prior-year tax returns were prepared by our experts, we can review them and help you to effectively respond to CRA correspondence. We are also happy to offer our assistance in communicating to CRA even for those companies that haven’t used our services before.

You can consult with our company at any time and we will always be happy to give you tax advice or explain applicable Canadian tax legislation, or provide help with completing various tax return forms.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a significant factor affecting business success. Our experts know lawful ways to help minimize a company’s tax burden. Give us a chance and we will work with you to identify them and use them to get the maximum benefit. The simplest ways to minimize taxes are timely filing of tax returns and payment of taxes, and taking advantage of all available deductions. Navigator Consulting is here to help you manage your tax planning and compliance, and become your business tax support system!