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Affordable Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our Clients' Feedback!

For more than 10 years, Navigator Consulting Group has provided my company with outstanding accurate and promptly given accounting and bookkeeping services. They are just great and very helpful in any case.

Highly recommended to all!

Boris S.
«Maple Leaf Delicatessen»

Industry News

It is important to understand your responsibilities and how payroll works to ensure you are not assessed penalties and interest or suffer other consequences.

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Personal & Business Consulting

Consulting for Existing Businesses and New Projects

Consulting is a key component of ur business philosophy. We offer business consulting and personal consulting services in Vancouver. Our operation is based on years of successful business development, appropriate resource management, strategic business process improvements and labor force analysis. We offer a wide range of consulting services targeting business development and resources management improvement, as well as helping develop the company mission statement. Use our service and you reap the benefits of a quality consulting.

Business Policy Development

If your company office staff is more than one employee then it is really important to draw your attention to the development of clear statements of business policy, as your inattention in this area may cause some inefficiencies or even business losses. Set your personal business goals and consult with your associates and workers for their input, while staying flexible and up-to-date with your business policies. We can offer the tools and deep experience to help you in this aspect of your business.

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial statement analysis is one of the most important parts of business consulting services. The main feature of financial statement analysis is the development and interpretation of various financial ratios. Careful and skilled financial statement analysis can reveal answers to many questions about the company’s financial "health". Navigator Consulting experts will help you not only to assess the current state of company’s affairs, but also to identify some possible areas of its financial risk or opportunity.

Special Reports & Business Letters Development

Sometimes those charged with communicating to corporate clients or staff in everyday routine work may need assistance in writing special reports or business letters. If faced with that challenge, you can always call upon our company's experienced staff for their capable assistance.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is about setting realistic goals considering one’s available financial resources and future cash flows. As a part of our professional services, Navigator Consulting can perform financial analysis and develop a personalized financial plan based on the best use of available financial opportunities. We help customers develop a complete picture of their financial position, along with methods of its preservation, accumulation and growth using life insurance, investment programs and various bank products.

Personal Financial Consulting

You need our personal consulting services if you:

— are naive in business matters, and get lost in the sea of information that surrounds you;

— are business-experienced, but your knowledge doesn’t let you get desired results;

— need an urgent solution to current problems or you are serious about increasing your business efficiency, effectiveness and profitability;

— need quick and useful answers to your business questions, leading to better and more timely results.

Our personal consulting experts will help you to develop your business strategy. Let us help you to unlock the hidden potential of your business!