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We have been extremely happy with the service and professionalism that we get from Navigator Consulting Group. We not only use them for all of our accounting and bookkeeping for our firm but we recommend them to all of our clients. They are prompt, accurate and reasonable. You couldn't ask for a better partner.

Tim Burks
«Imin Consulting»

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The Government of Canada encourages small companies and enterprises to create skillful labor force by hiring unqualified workers for apprenticeships.

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Accounting Rates

Affordable Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

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Last updated: February 25, 2015

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Monday through Friday

9:00am — 5:00pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Rates for Accounting and Bookkeeping

Service Description Price, CAD
Bookkeeping Services
Data entries to: Account Receivable, Account Payable, Bank Reconciliations, Income Statement and Balance Sheet Preparation, Provision of working papers and reports to CRA, Filing, etc. $37 per hour
Office Supplies for Bookkeeping $10 per month
GST/HST Report $37
WCB Report $37
Payroll Calculation $10 per person
Cash Flow Statement $100
Record of Employment (ROE) $50
T4, T4A, T5, T5018, NR4, NR6 $10 per slip and $40 per summary
Information Preparation / Slips Additions $40 per hour
T2 Corporation Income Tax Return $750
Financial Statement Preparation $200
Current Issues $40 per hour
Taxation $50 per hour
Letters to CRA, WCB, MSP, etc. From $40 per letter
Preparation of Working Documents for CRA and Audit A ssistance $50 per hour
Opening / Setting Up a New Company From $350
Closing Company From $100
Data Base Server Use by Client $20 per month
Data Base Server Use by Bookkeeper to Complete Work $37 per hour

Rates for Taxation

Service Description Price, CAD
T1 Personal Income Tax Return
T3 — Income from Trust
T4 — Employment Income Form
T4E — Employment Insurance Income
T4 RCP — RRSP Withdrawals
T5 — Investment Income
T5007 — Social Assistance (WCB, Welfare)
T2202A — Tuition Fee
RC 62 — Universal Child Benefits
Children Fitness and Art Receipts
Public Transport Receipts
$59,99 *
Extra Medical or Donation Receipts $10
Capital Gain Form (Price depends on document volumes) $100 — $450
Property Statement, TL2, T777 $80 per property
Taxation Consulting $50 per hour
Letters to CRA, WCB, MSP, etc. from $40 per letter
T1 Personal Income Tax Return Business
Declaration Included Business Activities Form $150 per business activity
Preparation Business Activities Form $37 per hour

* Includes up to 10 Medical or 10 Donation Receipts.

Also we would like to remind you that if your any issue takes more than 30 minutes of our time, we will start charging you for the consultation, according to our rate schedule.