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It is important to understand your responsibilities and how payroll works to ensure you are not assessed penalties and interest or suffer other consequences.

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Life After Taxes

Steps to Take After Submission of Tax Return

Date: May 2017

June 15, 2017 is the deadline for filing income tax and benefits for self-employed, their spouse or common-law partners. In case of any debt, the due date remains on or before April 30, 2017.

Since the benefit returns and income tax for 2016 begins on April 30, 2017, all returns earlier than this date will be accepted and payment postmarked on May 1, 2017.

Even after filling your 2016 tax return to the Canadian revenue agency, there are still few tasks left for you to do.

Cross Check and Ascertain The Status of Your Refund

Finish up any outstanding payments. Cross check and ascertain the status of your refund. There are ways to check your refund status if you are eligible.

  • First, visit the CRA website or use their mobile App.
  • Secondly, you can simply call the CRA's Tax Information Phone Service (TIPS) at 1-800-267-6999.

The sign-up process is straightforward as you can file online or you can file directly. By recording directly, you get the chance to ask for the refund after eight business days. It is recommendable you go for direct deposit as it is reliable, secure and convenient. If you wish to signup now, use this link: deposit.

One of the benefits of filing electronically is that you receive prompt assessment result message. Your notice of assessment (NOA) will be sent right to your certified tax software the following day through the Express NOA service.

Finish Up Outstanding Payments

This is yet another step to take after filling, if you have an outstanding payment before 2016 then there are two ways of making the payments:

  • Pay using the financial institution telephone number or internet banking service.
  • The CRA’s My Payment service.
  • The pre-authorized debit service in My Account.

Please always remember to make your payment even when you can't do that, make sure you file your return on time to avoid late-filing penalty. The CRA has made it the payments very easy and smooth through these mediums:

  • Calling the CRA's Tele Arrangement service at 1-866-256-1147.
  • Calling the CRA's Debt Management service at 1-888-863-8657.
  • Making a pre-authorized debit payment agreement using My Account.

Visit to read more information about managing your tax debt.

Making Changes to Your Tax Return

Before you can make changes to your return, patiently wait for a notice from the CRA. Then head straight to for more information.

Keep The Records and Receipts

Learn how to be careful and maintain records including all documents. The CRA might decide to call your return for a review. The CRA values documents that back up your claims of payments other than bank statements and cheques.