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It is important to understand your responsibilities and how payroll works to ensure you are not assessed penalties and interest or suffer other consequences.

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New Tax Credit For Volunteers

Canadian Government Economic Action Plan 2014

Date: March 2014

According to Economic Action Plan 2014, volunteers working in search and rescue organizations are eligible for new tax credit. In order to announce this fact and demonstrate government support Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Minister of National Revenue together with John Duncan, Minister of State arrived to Search and Rescue Hall situated in Comox Valley.

The new tax credit is based on Government low-tax plan and the tax benefit granted to the firefighters working on a voluntary basis in 2011 as a part of Economic Action Plan. People who spent at least 200 hours during a year volunteering in search and rescue organizations are entitled to volunteer tax credit. It means that they are able to save up to $450 on taxes.

Economic Action Plan 2014 also includes steps that should be taken by the Government to develop rural and distant communities in Canada. During the next five years they will receive nearly $305 million to improve broadband Internet and telecommunication systems on their territories. In addition the Government shall invest $250 million in protection system to minimize the impact of natural disasters on population and property. $390 million of funds will be allocated over the next five years to increase food safety and protect Canadians from low-quality food.

Interesting Facts

Nearly 85 thousand of Canadian firefighters participate in volunteer rescue organizations. Usually they combine their work at fire stations with voluntary service in search and rescue organizations.

Search and rescue organizations are not the only organizations responsible for saving lives. Federal as well as provincial and city associations stand in charge of rescue operations. In addition, search and rescue organizations split their volunteer duties among air, ground and maritime divisions.

here are more than 18 thousand people all over Canada dedicating themselves to a voluntary service. They are coordinated by three major search and rescue organizations in the country. Here are some facts about them:

— The Civil Air Search and Rescue Association is one of the main Canadian organizations performing voluntary service. It’s responsible for aviation safety as well as air search and rescue operations, which are included to the National search and rescue Program adopted by the Government of Canada.

— The Search and Rescue Association covers ground rescue operations, carried out by dedicated volunteers. It was founded by regional and city organizations in Canada to take control of volunteer programs and volunteers themselves.

More than 100 thousand volunteers working in different spheres all over the country are eligible for the tax credit. The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary is one of the main Canadian organizations performing maritime search and rescue activities. It cooperates with the Canadian Coast Guard to improve maritime safety.