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After I started to work with Navigator I realise I have more time to focus on my business. They simply took out of my shoulders a lot of the old thinks I used to do or deal with. They also trained very well my staff which helped the company a lot to perform better.

They are great!

Dan Pantea
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Canadian Government Works on Bringing Equality to the Middle Class

Date: October 2018

Canada’s economy is booming and stronger with so many job opportunities for the middle class. The government’s objective is to ensure that the hard-working middle class is taking advantage of this economic growth, as it determines the future of Canada.

So, the Canadian ministers aren’t relenting in its efforts to making sure that all Canadians benefit from the economy. In that regard, Bill Morneau, the Canadian minister of finance has presented the second Budget Implementation Act for 2018 in the House of Commons. It was focused on equality and growth of the economy and the Canadian citizens.

The act will foster and encourage more women participation in the workforce which will help to build an economy that favours everyone. Certain measures driving this economic growth are the following:

  • New parental employment insurance that provides more parental benefits in cases of adoptive parenting and same-sex couples;
  • Establishment of the Department for Women to promote Gender Equality for all Canadian citizens;
  • Equal salary for women working in the federal entities for equal value.

The current legislation will ensure equal competition among businesses in Canada and their growth as well.

The second Budget Implementation Act will provide certain benefits, such as:

  • Giving the CRA an ability to calculate the Canada Workers Benefits for anybody eligible for the tax, who hasn’t claimed it;
  • Reducing compliance expenses for the businesses and simplify administrative burden;
  • Providing detailed reports for employees deductions from another part of Quebec;
  • Expanding the customers’ rights and interests related to their banks.


"With Budget 2018 we are tackling the challenge of equality head-on—and doubling down on our plan to ensure that everyone benefits from economic growth. We are putting people first, and building on the hard work of Canadians—so that our children have better opportunities to follow their dreams, find good jobs and give back to their communities. This legislation is the next step in making sure that every Canadian has an equal and fair chance at success."

Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance