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It is important to understand your responsibilities and how payroll works to ensure you are not assessed penalties and interest or suffer other consequences.

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Reproductive Technologies

Medical Expenses Tax Credit (METC)

Date: March 2017

The calculation of the medical expenses taxes credit cuts across all expenses, payments made to the physician, private or [private hospitals and nurses as well. It also includes the cost of medication and lab test. The proposed 2017 budget years has recognized these expenses. Also, individuals who do not have issues conceiving or giving birth is covered too.

Frequently Asked Questions about METC

  1. What is the proposed change to the METC?
  2. The 2017 budget has brought clarity to the table as it regards to medical expenses tax credit. It states that medical expenses spent on an individual who has issues conceiving and the expenditures made by the person without difficulty in conceiving are almost the same thing. All are classified as the METC.

  3. What eligible expenses can I include in the calculation of the METC as a result of the proposed change?
  4. The METC calculation for any treatment given to a patient having difficulty in covering will include the medical services, lab tests and drugs used during the treatment. Some medical procedures such as the in vitro fertilization are inclusive too.

  5. Will I be able to include the fees I paid for the services of a surrogate mother in the calculation of the METC?
  6. No you wouldn’t. The MTC does not cover the surrogate mothers. It is meant for the birth parents that will bear the child and not the surrogate mother. Only immediate mothers that are having issues conceiving is covered by the METC.

  7. If I am a surrogate mother, will I be able to include my eligible expenses incurred for the use of reproductive technologies in the calculation of the METC?
  8. No, eh METC does not cover surrogate mothers, as previous answers.

  9. I have already incurred expenses for the use of reproductive technologies but have not claimed them on my return. Will this proposed change allow me to claim these expenses?
  10. Yes, you can apply for the payments made on reproductive technologies that you have not for far as the request is made in the same year. The CRA will consider your application only if it relates to a tax return for any of the ten calendar years before the year in which you make your request.

    You can claim an adjustment by filing a T1 Adjustment Request or by requesting the change directly using your account at CRA.

  11. Where can I learn more about the METC and how it is calculated?
  12. There are provisions for you to learn everything about METC. The Lines 330 and 331-Eligible medical expenses you can claim on your tax return will be helpful when it comes to calculating the METC.

  13. Where can I get more information about the changes to this tax credit?
  14. Since it is the responsibility of the CRA to inform and educate the taxpayers and a gereal public, information regarding tax credits can be accessed on the CRA website.All new forms, policies, and guidelines are updated on a weekly basis on the site. The Canadian finance department can be helpful if you need more information.