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New Bookkeeping Acts, Income Tax Regulations, Reviews

The Mechanism of RESP
Date: July 2018

The subscriber (or a person acting for the subscriber) generally makes contributions to the RESP. The promoter usually pays the contributions, and the income earned on those contributions, to the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries generally receive the contributions and the EAPs from the promoter. Read More...

All about Canada Education Savings Grant
Date: June 2018

The Canada education savings grant (CESG) is a real financial support to the child’s RESP. Regardless of your family’s income, the amount that ESDC pays is based on the Canada Education Savings Grant. Read More...

The Payroll Processing Guide
Date: May 2018

The following steps will explain your responsibilities and how payroll works. Read carefully to know the rules regarding the payroll and avoid any negative consequences or penalties. Read More...

Responsibilities of Users Working with a Certified Software Product
Date: April 2018

Any programming error may cause discrepancy in calculated income tax or benefits payable and they will be solely the responsibility of these two parties and not the CRA’s. As a user, it is solely your responsibility to read the privacy policies of software developers carefully. Read More...

Protect Yourself From Scams
Date: March 2018

There are various types of fraud, scams and pitches and more innovative ways are found almost daily. Check out the list of the most common fraud types. Read More...

The Little Black Book of Scams
Date: February 2018

New types of scam emerge on the daily basis. Therefore, it is very important for taxpayers to be aware of these scams and their possible channels, such as via mails, telephone call or text message. The main question to ask yourself – are they received really coming from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)? Read More...

Filing Your Tax Return
Date: January 2018

Starting from 2018 The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides a new service to help people with low or fixed income file their taxes. The eligible individuals will have to go through a short questionnaire instead of filling out any paper forms or doing any calculations. Read More...

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